Save Money For Your Holiday

A good holiday getaway is always a welcome idea for most people. Whether looking for an undisturbed break in the UK or wish to seek some sunshine abroad, a getaway is an excellent way to avoid the daily stresses of life, and get to interact with nature. Planning for a family getaway can however be a pricey affair which needs proper planning and budgeting. The budget part almost always makes many people shy away from getaways. This however doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a holiday treat once in a while. All you need is a good plan, research on an exciting destination and available offers, and do your homework on how to get cheap and affordable bookings for a holiday. Discussed below are a few tips and tricks on how to save money for your holiday.

1. Make Use Of Supermarket Rewards And Other Reward Programs

The supermarket rewards you have been accumulating on your Nectar or Clubcard can be redeemed against flight purchases, hotel bookings, and free money as well. Don’t let all the accumulated points collect dust in the drawer or purse when they can be turned into some money. You could also use the points earned to pay for extra expenses such as airport parking among others. You also earn more points each time you make a holiday purchase. These points can come in handy when shopping for food after jetting back from the holiday destination.

2. Avoid Using the Credit Card

While having an airline credit card may help you save some money for the getaway, it wouldn’t be advisable to use the card each time you need to make a booking. This is because some credit card companies will charge up to 2% for the amount spend with the card. Avoid making any reservations with your credit card unless absolutely necessary. Spending regularly with these cards can however earn you some air miles, which makes discounted flights, cheap upgrades, or even a freebie ride at your disposal. Proper planning is therefore needed when paying using these cards.


3. Make Perfect Timings

Timing matters a lot when booking a holiday. According to research, making your holiday bookings on Tuesday, for example, gives you an opportunity to land an affordable deal or a discounted flight for that matter. According to insider experts, most airline operators release last-minute deals on Tuesday. Having a perfect timing could land you a good deal on this day.

Should you miss any of these deals, Tuesday is still the cheapest day to fly on. You can save a great deal of money if you avoid making bookings for Friday or weekend flights. Most airlines hike their prices for Friday and Saturday flights. Be sure to book an afternoon flight instead of an evening one to save a penny or two.

If already decided on the holiday destination, consider making an advance booking for the same. Doing this gives you more time to pay for the trip, but also attracts other perks such as exclusive free child places during the holiday. Some of these offers apply to anywhere the kid goes and is included in the package. Most people are always on the lookout for these deals – be quick to grab one as soon as it is available. For those patient enough, waiting for last-minute deals can save you lots of money in ticket prices. Airlines will offer great deals on these to fill up unoccupied seats, giving you a chance to pay almost half the price for a ticket.


4. Research

Researching exhaustively on possible destinations and available offers can pay off pretty well. You however need to know just where to look when looking for these offers. Start by checking out whether your holiday will be cheaper if flights, meals, and hotels are paid separately or jointly. In most situations, an all-inclusive package will be relatively less expensive than paying for each service independently. Be sure to consider airport transfers to and from the hotel in these packages as well. Some holiday packages do not have this included, a factor that can put a dent in your budget.

Be keen to research on the destination before making any bookings. It would be advisable to be on the lookout for public holidays when planning a getaway. Travelling during public holidays can be quite expensive as airports, and tourist attraction sites will be crowded on these days. Avoid public holidays to be on the safe side.

Direct flights and return tickets can be a little more expensive than indirect flights. While connecting flights and catching indirect flights might be time-consuming and tricky at times, you could save hundreds of shillings if you try these. Comparison sites such as Skiplagged and Skyscanner can come in handy when looking for indirect flights to your destination. All you need to do is enter the ideal destination, and travel date, then let the site’s algorithms search for cheap and available flight options.

5. TopCashBack

You can make some savings each time you use TopCashBack when making bookings. You get up to £10 cashback for £10 spend on the site. This makes it easy to save money on accommodation, transport, and any holiday extras. Such savings don’t come often on big-name companies such as,, or Although it may not seem like much, you can spend the cash rewards on your kids for ice-cream and cocktails for your other half. You can also try getting free samples, as they are perfect to take on those weekends away.

HelloFresh Subscription Box Review

With our everyday lives being so busy and hectic these days we often ignore our diet and just go for ready made food deliveries, or takeaways or maybe just junk food to fill up your appetite. We do that cause in our brain that’s easier. It takes less time and you don’t need to cook.

Well HelloFresh just proved us wrong. Hello Fresh is food subscription box that delivers you boxes filled with pre-proportioned ingredients and recipes to amazing foods directly to your home.

Recently HelloFresh has started a culinary whiz consisting of 21 days which will give you the following benefits, along with the amazing cooking experience, upon signing up:


  • Delicious recipes will be delivered to you daily at 11am.
  • You will be shown some cooking secrets
  • A Top Chefs handbook will be made available for you to download and keep.


and most of all. It’s all completely free.

With the help of this course you can be ready to just drop your families jaws with your cooking skills.



Important Things You Should Know About Money Baking

So do you have all the skills to bake delicious and tasty cakes? Then you can shoot money. You can actually make a lot of money!

Check out the below guide to starting a baking business below:

Easy Ways to Make Money from Cakes

Make money baking Home cooking, especially baking cakes and cupcakes are very fashionable now. This is thanks to famous chefs and culinary projects like the Great British Back Off. People pay good money for high quality baking. You can also sell your food at parties, exhibitions and local food markets.

The beautiful thing about earning through baking is that it is straightforward, flexible and enjoyable. This is not something you usually do if you do not want to. But if you occasionally run out of money, there is an option. All you really need is some good cooking tips and a reasonable idea of ​​what people want to buy.

Getting Started – Where to Sell?

There are many places where you can sell cakes and other sweets.

Car boot sale

School Exhibitions

Online shop

Sold to local stores

Setting up your own shop

Note that location is important. Before you decide to do the baking in a real way, first find out what sells and where.

Exit a business plan

Implementing the basics of your business first will help you keep track of your budget. Running your own business can be exciting and rewarding, but also stressful and taxing. But if you follow our tips, your baking life will be much easier.

Start small and keep small costs

Don’t spend more than you should on your startup. A lot of big businesses start small, for example Laura Ashley started on her kitchen desk. M&S started with a marketplace and Tesco initially had only a couple of local grocery stores. Use your kitchen as your workspace before going anywhere big.

Don’t forget insurance because your home insurance is no longer valid if you work from home. This is something you should check with your current broker. You may need to upgrade your insurance.

Always set up a specific kind of bank account for your business. It does not need to be an expensive ‘business’ account, it can be a normal current account. With your current bank or other provider.

Focus on the cash flow

Starting a new business can be difficult, so any financial help can really make a difference. Do not assume that people will pay on time every time.


Reduce your waiting time by accepting payment terms in the beginning.

Do not spend money now thinking that you will get money from your customers.

Plan your business expenses so that you do not create debt. So customers are not dependent on timely payments.

Have more than one revenue stream. That means doing a part-time job once you are installed.

If you have persistent problems with unpaid bills, consider joining a consortium of small businesses (about £ 200 per year) so you can use their legal assistance to evict your creditors.

Create a real business plan

According to some views, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Therefore, even if you set up a part-time job, it should give you a clear idea of ​​your monthly expenses and how much profit (or other income) you need to generate to keep going.

What your monthly sales should be is a factor in costs such as baking equipment, supplies, and delivery. Create a chart for yourself showing sales growth for the next 12 months. New customers.

It’s hard to guess, but the act of thinking about it will provide you with revenue goals and points to consider when running your business.

Networking is important

The more you go to work, the more work you get. You can meet people without leaving your home through the internet.

Join online networking groups and forums and start providing useful advice for areas directly related to your business. It raises your profile in a positive way. But don’t spend too much time on it, set aside a specific time per week and stick with it.

The simplest way to get business done again and again is to print some business cards. If you make cakes, you can advertise the fact that you bake to order for parties and events. Pop in local cafes and coffee shops (not chain outlets), hand over your card and find out your services. You can even give them a few samples. Never forget to have your business cards with you wherever you go. You can meet interesting and useful people everywhere.

Give people what they want

Don’t fail to talk blindly about what you want to produce. You need to know exactly what your potential and existing customers want to spend. Not only do you think they like it, it’s easy for you.

Talk to customers before you start a business and as a habit. Take them to lunch, pick their brains and enjoy listening to what they have to say.

Have a realistic view of what is being sold as your business develops. Is a side product or service more popular and takes less effort than the main offering? If so, try harder. Always try to be honest with yourself about what works and what doesn’t. If you have enough to pay the rent, you need to be honest very quickly about the success or failure of the products.

What Do You Need to Start With?

Food safety and hygiene

The first thing you need to do is review food safety standards. The law states that all food businesses must register their kitchens with their local authority if they do not operate on a “normal and limited” basis.

If you are selling a car boot sale or market once in a blue moon, you do not need to worry. However, if you plan to earn income this way, contact your local council and ask them what the rules are in your area. Laws vary depending on where you live. For example, in some places you only have to become a registered trader even if you only sell your food once every two months.

If you regularly sell groceries, you may have to take a course in food hygiene. You can do this online, which costs 15. The course is mostly general knowledge so it is easy to complete.

Work at your expense

If you want to do money packing, you need to make some basic expenses. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You should note:

How much does the goods cost?

Sale location fee if any (car start sale / farmer market fee)

Average cost of travel to location

The cost of food packaging (keep it simple to start with, Clingfilm does in some places)

Initial cost of food hygiene training (if you are planning a regular sale)

Price of Labels / General Stationery / Invoice Strips

The extra cost of gas or electricity for your stove

Once you understand how much of all this is, you can know how much you need to sell to make a profit.

As you do your research, you should keep in mind how much other stallholders sell their cakes and food. It provides a rough idea of ​​how much to expect to be charged.

You do not have to qualify to sell cakes, but there are hundreds of packing / cake decorating courses you can go to that will benefit the quality of your products.

Here are some of the ones we suggest:


Finding the right place

Try a stall at a car boot sale first because it doesn’t cost much to set up. Find your nearest car dealership in Car boot junction. Once you have more installed, you can go for a little more price. Even if you have cracks in the car boot market, you can increase the number of cakes you take with you. Let your business grow like that.

To set up a stall at a farmer’s market, you need to find a local location. You can do this by searching the local food website for your nearest market. The website does not deal directly with the people who run the markets, so you can contact them through the details provided on the site.

Make sure you:

Allocate money to your upcoming tax bill.

If you can, talk to an accountant about how much to set aside for taxes.

However if you start, you do not have to pay VAT.

Keep a good record of your incoming and outgoing earnings, your receipts and other relevant information. Again if you talk to an accountant they will give you guidance on what files to keep, how to organize them and what to do to reduce your accounting bills.

Are Accountants Too Expensive? Although a good accountant is invaluable, you do not need one when you first start. Many people make their own accounts on paper or use an Excel spreadsheet.

How to Come Up With Ideas?

It’s a crowded market, so how do you make sure people like your cakes more than others?

The cake trade has been around longer than anyone can remember and the market has become more congested in recent years. It is important to create and sell products that people want to buy. Chances are someone already has the best butter cream filling or delicious frozen cupcakes. Go to your local car boot sale or farmers market and see which food stores are the busiest. If jam appears to be an ‘in-matter’ and there aren’t many stalls selling it, you’ve found your product: cakes filled with jam.

If you are in the car boot and there are no stalls selling food, it is good to see the people there. Do they want to buy market, luxury, homemade products or 10p fairy cakes? Make the kind of cakes and desserts you think can be easily sold.

You can ask your family and friends what they like. Try to ask a wide range of people and see if you come up with any consensus results. Also, talk to any cake vendors you see at exhibitions and markets, and ask them which cakes are selling the most.


Once you have a good idea of ​​the people you are going to sell to, it is time for your product to be ordered. You need to come up with a range of different products to do this job. If you sell cake, try different methods, ingredients, flavors and fillings. Experiment with different recipes with desserts. You can try to focus on an area like chocolate, fudge or health food!

Get your friends and family to try out all your models and find out what are the most popular choices. They will be more than willing to help! In farmers’ markets, it is worth knowing that you are not likely to sell much if you do not use local, organic products. People who go to these events are looking for traditional home-made food, and one of the benefits of shopping for food at the farmer’s market is that you can ask the stallholder exactly where the food came from and how it was prepared.

Stallholders in farmers’ markets must be prepared to provide honest, reliable answers to customers. So factor in this more expensive ingredient.


The presentation is important, especially if you are selling in a market place. Listen to your customers: Do they want to make ‘cheap and happy’ or luxurious looking home? The fun part is that some expensive jams and cakes have a ‘rustic look’: you may find yourself charging a lot especially for home-made products!

Packaging can greatly affect your sales. The ribbon is cheaper if you buy in bulk from a Haberdashery store, and you can clean any edges around your cakes. If you are selling jams, it is worth printing some fancy labels or spending some time on your own outfit. You can experiment with themed packaging on holidays like Easter and Christmas, and on holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween.

Whatever you use to compile your products, it is important to remember that you are handling the food. What this means is that you are limited to certain types of packaging depending on what food you are selling.

Creating Hampers

Everyone loves distractions – especially on special occasions or occasions like birthdays. Big stores like Harrods & M&S do a roaring trade on them – look at their obstacles to give you ideas about what yours is. Really disruptive is the least expensive and can be done at home with other items inside to reduce costs. However, the selling price can be as high as you would like, so this is a fantastic potential return if you get it right.

Seasonal Hampers

If you do them right, seasonal disruptions can be great sellers. Easter and Christmas are the best time to create seasonal distractions. Everyone loves a Santa shaped cake or Easter Bunny cookie. These are the best times of the year to sell


It is important to remember that these obstacles or baskets are considered gifts. So they have to be as beautiful as possible. If a customer is surprised by the first hurdle you offer, they are less likely to buy back from you.

Only way to decorating baskets effectively and cheaply is to keep it simple. Place some shredded paper on the barrier to protect your items. Then arrange your items so they are all the same and the buyer sees.

If you want to add a little more luxury, you can tie a ribbon around the barrier. Or you can drop some foil chocolates to cover the empty space. Simplicity is important for decorating barriers.

To add to the Easter touches, arrange a few decorative buds to hang or a few false flowers. You can color the eggs and use them to add color to your basket. Add some tinsel and a few red or green bows at Christmas.

How Much Do You Charge?

To understand how to price your barriers, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

The first and most obvious is how much it costs to do it. Prohibited items include the basket itself and decorations. Finally the costs for delivery, if appropriate.

The second cost is your time: How long does it take to disrupt? Include this in the costs, considering how much you would like to pay per hour.

Once you have a good idea of ​​how much it will cost to produce and distribute each in bulk, you can determine what price you are going to mark. Other factors to consider are the quality of your barriers, and what you consider to be market tolerant. Keep in mind that if the price is too high, customers will use one of your competitors, so be competitive without selling yourself short.

Seasonal Baking

Season cakes and cupcakes are also very popular. Going for the simplest, cheapest cake and biscuit recipes is the safest thing to do. Think sponge cakes, madeira’s, shortbread biscuits, gingerbread and the like. None of these cost much to produce. Although it costs a little extra for icing and decoration, you can still charge three or four times as much to make them.

Easter Cakes

At Easter you can offer baskets with cakes such as Simon Cake, Hot Cross Buns, Nest Cakes or Easter Biscuits. There are many recipes on the internet and cookbooks at your local bookstore, however Money Make recommends the BBC Food website for easy-to-follow hot cross buns, Easter biscuits and simmer cake recipes.

Visit to learn how to make chocolate nest cakes. Here is another nice collection of Easter cake recipes.

Christmas Baking Ideas

Christmas cakes can come in different shapes and sizes. A snowman tops with a delicious layer of iced butter cream icing. Christmas tree with hundreds of thousands of green icing and decorations. Or something traditional like round fruit cake. The Fruit cakes are generally very seasonal, but they cost a lot to make. Can you make enough profit for them? Whichever way you choose to go, make sure you are original.

Biscuits are also great for Christmas. Use different Christmas molds to make your shortbread special. Get a cutter set and make biscuits in the shape of stars and snowflakes. With some colorful icing and some silver balls, you have created. Place your biscuits in a simple view through the bags with a beautiful ribbon so that they hang from the tree. This way they can act as a decoration and a delicious Christmas treat.

Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes are great because there are birthdays for people all year round and if your price is right your demand for services is sure. People with birthday cakes usually ask in the form of a specific cake, a Spider-Man cake or a number.

Food coloring, icing options and this is a great time to build your portfolio, but if someone asks you something and you don’t think you can handle it, don’t take it because they give you their money. Make sure you have the ability to create what your customer asks for.

Special activities

There are many special occasions that you can use as an opportunity to offer your packing services; Baby showers, pension parties, graduations, weddings and more.

Always Remember to Have Fun

To run a business should be creative, satisfying and enjoyable. This is an opportunity to express yourself, meet interesting and creative people and make a lot of money. Not to mention creating a new life for you. So enjoy the process of being in business. Make the most of good times. Remember to celebrate when you get a big deal or finish hard work!

If you want to motivate you to start your own baking business, we have two real life case studies on how you can turn your hobby into a fully functioning money making business. Two case studies are self-taught bakers! See below:

Case Study: WHITNEY HURST – Lazy Day Cakes

Whitney Hurst started selling cakes in 2012 from her kitchen. Before she knew it she had a lot of orders, and decided to set up her own shop – Lazy Day Cakes. Recently she decided to sell to pursue her dream of becoming a midwife. Below Whitney tells about his success and experience selling cakes.

When and why did you start selling cakes?

In 2012 my spine was broken in a gym accident. After being in bed for several months and unable to work, I was finally able to get around my kitchen, and that’s when I started baking. I used to make my kids birthday cakes, but I started with cupcakes. I make 30+ a day and decided to build a website to see what happened. Surprisingly I got orders in a few days.

What was your first professional baking job?

I started by going to exhibitions and girls nights. Women have not realized for a long time that they like cakes, but they are very aware that they are a treat, so I came up with a new recipe that will reduce the fat content of cakes by 50% when things start to go mentally.

How can you go about promoting yourself in the wider community?

My only advertising form is Facebook. If the pictures I have a lot and a lot, that’s when the word started to spread. I was very lucky because not only did people like the look of the cakes but the taste was a hit. With cupcakes they are often beautiful, but the taste is not always up to scratch.

How much long did it take you to establish yourself?

It took 6 months of events like craft exhibitions before we started getting recognition.

Did you initially work from home and then go to a store?

I made cakes from home for 12 months at craft exhibitions, farmer’s markets and women’s nights. In June 2013, I opened the first store that had four tables and a service counter. I was still baking everything at home and taking cakes to the store every day. In October 2013, I went to a shop that was three times the size of an entire bakery and a very large cafe area.

Do you have any professional training?

No. I am completely self-taught.

How did you set yourself up from similar businesses around your area?

There were two similar local businesses. What differentiated us was that we had four kids who were very child friendly and wanted to come with the kids so they didn’t have to worry about messy kids. Our workshops and parties were reasonably priced because rental overheads were relatively low. The other business that just provided workshops was more expensive due to the city center location, another we did treats, while we both did, had a tear and were in a pretty weird craft center so a lot of people could do that while visiting us.

Why did you end up selling?

I wanted to pursue the desire to become a midwife and now that I have the support of my fiancee Ian, I decided to go to university. I decided to cheat the business, my courses were not possible, and closing the store was not really an option – considering how successful it was – I decided to sell.

Whitney’s advice for those who want to turn baking into a full-time career

My advice to anyone who wants to set up a cake business is to trust your abilities. It is very difficult to compete with supermarket prices, but they are packed if they are made of chemicals and machinery. Important thing to remember is that don’t sell yourself short, add how much the ingredients cost, how long it takes to make the cake and your time and minimum wage.

Case Study: TAREK MALOUF- The Hummingbird Bakery

TAREK MALOUF worked for ABC News in London before deciding to start a bakery business in 2002. Recent two years of research and cooking tips, his first bakery opened its doors to business in early 2004. Future plans for his success journey and expansion below TAREK.

When and why did you start selling cakes?

Before setting up The Hummingbird Bakery I had the idea of ​​setting up a bakery in early 2002. I met a cousin in North Carolina who took me to several traditional American bakeries that provided pies and homemade cakes. In these places the smell of fresh baking was amazing. At the time, my sister lived in New York, and every time I saw her we would go and eat a lot of cupcakes and traditional American goodies. The taste buds woke up and that’s when I realized I wanted to open my own bakery in London so people here can enjoy the true taste of American baking.

How can you go about promoting yourself in the wider community?

Our publication is not advertised in any way. I tried to choose a location for my first branch, which was inhabited by a large number of American foreigners, as well as by a large foot traffic. I thought if we could attract Americans who like the taste of home, we would start with a good customer base. It worked – the vast majority of our early customers were Americans – and after we opened the doors and let the smell of the new baking waffle out on the street, we quickly started selling cupcakes to everyone who walked by.

What was your first professional baking job?

Before I first opened The Hummingbird Bakery, I spent two years experimenting and refining countless recipes in my kitchen at home. Other than that, I have no real baking experience. I grew up with great appreciation for the joy of American baking, so I had a clear idea of ​​how I would like to taste the products of The Hummingbird Bakery. So really, my first professional baking job was at my Notting Hill branch.

How much long did it take you to establish yourself?

Before I opened my first bakery, I made two private cake commissions for friends, but this never started in any way – I just wanted to go straight to High Street. Once the doors of my first branch were fitted, fitted, and opened, the business was established very quickly. Within a few weeks of launch, we were baking delicious cakes and the business started to grow fast.

Do you have any professional training?

I have no professional training in baking other than what I have gained from working in my own bakery.

How did you set yourself up from similar businesses around your area?

Initially we were lucky enough to get the business off the ground without real competitors – nowhere else in London specializing in quality American baking. Of course, as soon as the cupcakes were caught, other cupcake bakeries popped up quickly. We are always differentiating the quality and reliability of our products. Another thing we do is shoot on site at each of our branches throughout the day to ensure the complete freshness of our products. We offer only quality ingredients – real butter, preservatives from jam and diphtheria, free-range British eggs, cream cheese from Philadelphia and more.

What is the future?

I plan to grow the business in the UK by opening more branches in and around London. I also see opportunities to open branches in other UK cities. We have owner partners in the Middle East who have already opened three Hummingbird Bakery branches in Dubai.


Best Ways to Sell the Gold

Many people want to sell their gold in order to get new design of it or to buy something new for themselves. In many cases people are so much needy and want to get money that’s they go to sell their gold. If you are the one who wants to sell the gold then don’t go anywhere because the gold which you want to sell can be sold easily. There are a number of companies who are very eager to take your old stuff including the gold and are paying you cash in response. Even if you silver or platinum don’t worry, they are actually paying for it. One thing to keep in mind is that the companies don’t buy anything if they are having loss, the first thing at which the companies keep their eyes is the profit. So it is true that they are buying your gold and in return giving you some cash but the profit is a main thing behind all of this. So always be aware about the prices so that you can sell your gold at a very god rate.

What Type of Gold Items Can You Sell?

Actually the gold comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The value of particular kind of gold basically depends upon many factors but the important are their condition and the time period. If you want to sell the gold then always look on the condition and how it is been used.

There are number of gold sites which are taking your used gold and in return giving you some sort of cash. These postal gold sites basically melt the used gold to turn it into a bullion. So if you want to sell our gold then following are the sites which can help you a lot and buy your gold on very good rates.

1-Gold Teeth

2-Gold Buttons

3-Broken Jewelry

4-Electrical Wiring

The delicate bracelets and the special ring set with the precious stones actually can be more value able for the jeweler as compared to the scrap merchant because the special stones, the designs and the brand will be valued along with the specific type of metal itself.

Despite these things, coins and bullion are also very good to get sell and you can also find the price for them from the special sites including the Gold Bullion Company or the Stock Exchange.

Who Can Buy Your Gold?

There are some gold trading websites out there. But most high street jewelry retailers also buy second hand gold.


Jewelers may buy your gold jewelry before you rush into any deal, the best thing is to get your gold from a few local jewelers. They can tell you the carat of your item and its weight. But if they want to buy it from you they are not likely to tell you the full value.


They also take into account the craftsmanship of the jewelry, not just how much gold it contains. You may find that your item is very valuable as a set piece for a jeweler.

A Cartier Necklace, for example, may have cost you thousands of pounds in the first place, which is worth a lot more to a jeweler than a post office. The jeweler will want to resell it, not melt the scrap metal.

If you decide you want to sell to a jewelry store, the best thing to do is get quotes from many people. Then compare them and remind everyone that there is competition. This will encourage them to elevate their offers, but otherwise go with the best. Some may think you are cheating.

Also, if you have a lot to get rid of, take it all in bulk and you can get a package deal that is better than different individual sales. Especially if it melts.

Mail sites:

The man would place the objects in the imposed envelopes, as for gold, which is of no use to the jeweler, it is even better to get a face-to-face quote from someone. Websites like often have online calculators that can also be used to get an idea of what they consider valuable.

If the estimated amount is better or better than the image you already have in mind, the next step is to request a free prepaid envelope. You can use this to send your gold back to the company via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

In the event of theft or loss during transportation, most corporate envelopes are pre-insured (usually worth £ 500).

If the amount of gold you want to send is more than this, you can get extra insurance at the post office. Or split your gold from the company into two or more insurance packages.

It is always a good idea to photograph your item before sending it. If something goes wrong you have proof of its status.

Most gold companies will confirm the rating of the online calculator and send you a call or email. You can accept or reject accordingly.

Other companies will automatically send you what your gold is worth. If you reject the offer, you must return within a specified time (usually between 10-12 days).

Always check the company’s income policy before selling gold.


Gold ‘recycling’ has become big business in recent years. The reason behind it is that the price of gold always rises during times of economic uncertainty.

Number of the gold trading companies have been recently around for many years. You can be sure that established jewelry retailers will be more reliable in their operations. Compared too many smaller startups anyway.

Surprisingly, these short-term activities are not likely to worry too much about honesty, customer service or their company’s reputation. They actually want to make a quick buck and get out. Be wary of these companies and keep them at arm’s length so they can be easily identified with a little research.

Not that you can’t trust dedicated gold trading companies, it pays to use your general knowledge when selling gold for cash. Here are some things to look for:

Did they get credible evidence and positive media coverage?

Have they been trading for a long time?

Google the company and see what happens.

If you have any doubts, check with Trade Standards to see if there are any complaints about that particular company.

Below are the best known gold trading websites:


Lois Jewelry and Hutton Garden Metals have been rated as the two most trusted companies. So this is a good place to start.

Things to Remember:

The price a company quotes on its site is not the amount you pay for trying. With some gold-trading websites, you can get up to 20% of the market value of your gold.

Be especially wary of those sites that do not disclose their price list. Some sites with big marketing budgets that advertise on TV are especially guilty of this. Often, these sites pour their money into marketing rather than ensuring consumers get a good price.

Note the Gold Standard logo, which indicates that gold jewelry or postage stamp is subject to the rules of voluntary conduct established by the National Jewelry Association. It is supported by the Chief Police Officers Association, the Business Standards Institution and the National Measurement Office, thus providing extra confidence in your transaction.

Keep in mind that the price of gold changes daily, so the quotes you receive often vary from day to day. Keep an eye on the market and go for it when it is higher than normal.

It is important to remember that gold is valued in dollars in the markets, so even if the value of gold rises, British sellers will lose if the pound is to remain weak.

Get a Gold party

Gold parties are the largest in the United States and are gaining popularity in the UK. If you have some of your friends, you may even get paid to host such a party. Party Cash 4 Gold will send a representative to your home to value you and your friends’ gold.

You will receive a fee for their gold and as a guest they will pay you 10% of the total payment for your party. Party Cash 4 Gold Their hosts earn an average of £ 300 per party! That can be a lot of fun.

You should call Party cash 4 Gold to get the estimated price per gram before the party. They are based on prices around the ‘spot price’ (London Fix price) that responds to current market conditions. As always, it is worth doing this and comparing it with other prices online. If they offer you a lower competitive price than what is available elsewhere and you get 10% commission from hosting the party, it will be worth your while. For more information on hosting a party with the company, visit their website.

However, Party Cash 4 Gold did not announce their prices on their website. So make sure you are willing to compare their quote with other ratings. Keep your senses about yourself even if you have a good time.

Always Invest in Gold

You can invest in gold and sell it. Even if gold is considered a safe bet, its value will definitely decline. There is no guarantee.

To help, we explored five ways to invest in gold and have received the full article on the subject. It outlines the main ways you can invest in gold and the risks involved in each method.

Getting started is easy even if you have never invested before. If you are a little more experienced, it is also worth considering being a part of your investment portfolio.

How to Get Cash from Gold

There are a number of sites from which you can get cash by selling the old gold. You can use your gold or any type of jewelry as security on loans.


Pawnbrokers have been on the rise somewhat in recent years.

Pawn broking is an easy source of credit, especially for the one million Britons who do not have a bank account.

If you are in a need of a small loan, pawn shops can offer this, based on your valuables.

They will usually lend you up to half the value of your gold or jewelry, and will charge about 8% interest per month on the loan amount.

However, they are definitely not a good option if you need a loan that lasts a reasonable amount of time. The annual interest rate from pound brokers can be incredibly high. Banks have always been considered the best choice for long loans.

If you have a lot of good gold jewelry, try, an online pound broker that deals with high value items for short term loans. Make sure you can repay the money really quickly so you don’t have to pay ridiculous interest.

Some Alternatives to Pawn Broking

If you want to get some cash in response to selling the gold then there are many other sites despite Pawn broking. For example if you want some money in a quick such session or you are in a need of a small loan then the Government Social Fund is best for you as it provides small loan to the needy people. The other and the best option to have loan is to look at your local credit union. It is very use to use.

The members of the credit union invest any money in savings in exchange for a good and reliable savings rate. This money is then given to other members at an affordable price. So everyone benefits, lenders get good interest rates on their money, and borrowers don’t have to pay high amounts.

To find out if there is a credit union near you or one that you can join, find your credit union.

Find out what types of loans and interest rates are available by contacting them through the credit union search tool from your local credit union. Most credit unions are flexible about your repayments, offering you the opportunity to repay your loan on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Also get help from the credit calculator you can make an approximate estimate of how much a regular 1% credit union loan will cost you.

If you take some time to explore these options, you will get the best deal.




WINTER IS COMING -Prepare your House and Garden in Advance

We have all heard it in school “a stitch in time saves nine” and even though it might sound cheesy but it is true none the less. Here we discuss a few tips that you can use before winter arrives that will help you save money in the long run.

Save the Garden Tools
Garden tools are expensive and if left unattended for a long time they can easily get broken. Keeping them in good condition doesn’t cost much and it will help you save money in the long run (because you won’t have to buy new ones).
Fill a bucket with some builder’s sand and pour about one liter of engine oil in it. Mix it thoroughly. Now take your spades, rakes and other garden tools of these types and plunge it into the bucket. Take it out and then plunge it again. Keep repeating the process a few times. This will help clean the rust and keep the tools well lubricated. You can also leave your tool blades into the mixture to save them from rusting in the winter.

Don’t Throw Away your old Carpet
Old carpets make a great base for Garden Paths. Just cover your old carpet with some kind of mulch and you have created a garden path. Just remember that before you cover them with your mulch turn the pieces of carpet upside down.
This will help you have a weed free path next spring and it is going to save you a lot of time and effort. You can also use them as mulch for the flowering beds and veggie patches in your garden so nothing goes to waste.

Check the Roof, the Gutters and the Outside of your House
since the weather is good it is a good time to check around your house for any defects that may need your attention. Check the roof, the guttering pipes and the drains. Make sure it is not clogged or blocked. If it is clean it thoroughly. If any roof tiles are broken repair them. If any pipes are broken replace them also. These little things, these nips and tucks here and there, will save you a lot of time, money and effort once the weather turns bad.
If after your inspection you think the damage is to severe then do call a professional, the roofer, plumber or electrician whomever you need and get all the problems fixed. Trust me you are going to thank yourself in the future because if these things are left unchecked they are going to cause a lot of damage to your property.

Get all the best gardening advice here –

How to easily save on Christmas expenses!

We all know how January can be difficult due to all the expenses of the last days of December to have a joyful and merry Christmas, buy the gifts, do the long distance calls or offer a variety of good food to guests and family members for the Christmas Eve dinner.

But no worries, with the below tips you will be able to save a lot and continue being happy even with your January financial balance.

1. Plan everything

You may think that this is so obvious and logical that you even get to wonder why we placed it as a useful advice. Well, we did, because it actually is. Some people tend to ignore how important planning ahead is. It will help you be prepared, use all coupons and promotional offers out there and save a lot without risking to pay high prices and buy everything you need at the very last moment.

2. You can do lots of things yourself

When it comes to decorating the house, remember about all those craftworks you used to do together with your mom and dad when you were little. All that knowledge could come in very handy now. You can spend just a little money on paper and other crafting materials and become a kid while creating sparkling decorative starts and flowers for your home or Christmas tree. Doing so, you can create joyful playtime moments for your kids too and at the same time save a lot of money.

You can prepare some greeting cards or do the gift-wrapping yourself too. Parents and relatives always appreciate the time and efforts you placed on preparing something for them.

3. Spread your shopping

To avoid buying everything during one month and risking to go crazy on December, try to do separate shopping sessions even months ahead and put everything in the freezer. While for the gifts, you can anytime buy them online or even directly in the local shops if you don’t expect further seasonal sales on them.

4. Nothing’s more precious than good memories

Do not underestimate the ability of a child to appreciate good and joyful time spent together in the family. Rather than buying expensive gifts or trying to organize expensive trips to Disneyland, you can look up the local events that include Santa and other seasonal activities and offer that kind of entertainment to your children. Skiing, making the snow angels on the backyard, building up Frosty or doing the Christmas tree together will always remain in their hearts and minds.

On the same principal, you can decide to print out family photographs or gift stamped t-shirts to your family members. It will definitely put a bigger smile on their faces than bringing some expensive staff from the shopping center.

5. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t cover up in blankets


Remember those sweet romantic movie scenes where she is wearing woolen socks and covered in thick blankets when he knocks on her door to wish her Merry Christmas? Well, you can somehow try to reproduce the same feeling of coziness and also save at the same time. You have to buy gifts to family members, so why not woolen socks or blankets? This way they will all feel like exactly that movie scene and you will also save on electricity bills until spring.

Ultimate 2021 “Kids Eat Free” List

Pack up your entire family! Y’all are headed out to a restaurant where your little ones can eat for FREE! Some restaurant offers may vary according to location, so make sure to call ahead and double check with your neighborhood chain before heading out the door!

1) Bennigan’s

Children 12 and under eat free, but only on Tuesdays, and specifically with the purchase of an adult meal.

2) Cici’s Pizza

Cici’s Pizza buffet offer free meals to kids who are three and under.

3) Chick-fil-A

On Tuesdays, kids eat for free! This offer only applies to purchases of adults combos meals, and only from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

4) Denny’s

Children 10 years old and under eat free at Denny’s on Tuesdays from 4-10 p.m.

5) Firehouse Subs

With the purchase of an adult combo, your kids can eat for free. Make sure to check with your local Firehouse for specific dates and times.

6) Golden Corral

Children three and younger have free meals every day. Some locations even offer kids 10 and under free meals on Mondays.

7) Hooters

Sundays, kids eat for free between 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.


From 4-8 p.m, kids 12 and under eat for free with the purchase of an adult meal.  You’ll need to check with your local IHOP for specific days.


Kids eat for free on Tuesdays. You can purchase up to two children’s meals with each adult meal you buy.

10) Pizza Hut

Here is yet another “kids eat free on Tuesdays” place when an adult eats at the buffet.

11) Red Robin

Kids 10 and younger eat for free on Mondays.

12) Ruby Tuesday

Kids eat free on Tuesdays from 5 p.m. till closing with the purchase of an adult entree.

13) Texas Roadhouse

Kids 12 and under eat for free on Mondays and Tuesdays, depending on location.

14) Uno Pizzeria & Grill

Kids can eat for free on Tuesdays here with the purchase of an adult entree.

Wedding Favours on a Budget

No this is not the good act done out of goodwill. If you don’t know what a favour is don’t feel bad about it even I didn’t knew what they were before I got married. They are the small or mini boxes of gifts or chocolates that are placed on every table at the wedding reception for the guests. They cost about £2.5-£3 per piece.
Multiply the above cost by 250 guests and the amount goes up by £600-£750. That’s a lot for just wedding favors. But what can you do to give the guests a heartfelt gift without going broke? If you search the internet there are a lot of wonderful ideas, you can find something you like from there. Pintrest is a good place to look.

Let’s assume you are on a budget. A decent wedding dress would easily set you back a £1,000 so we just can’t go ahead and add £750 to the bill for something many guests will leave behind. What we need is something that will cost a little less.
What you can do is make the mini boxes by hand just like in Arts and Crafts class. You will use ribbons, glitters and stickers. You can invite your friends and have a little pre-wedding get together talk about all the good times you had together, how your life is before the wedding and how it is about to change and gossip you can’t forget gossip you just can’t. And talk about other things like…you know girly stuff…
You won’t even notice how the time passed and you made more than 200 mini boxes and for the treats inside buy them in bulk this way you will get them a little cheaper and it will lower the per unit cost of your favors. Other ideas that I found interesting are listed below:

  • Homemade Jams: You can give the guests homemade jams. Just remember to ask you’re your friends and family to give their empty jam jars to you. You can write names of the guests and you’re wedding date on the Jars to give them a personalized look.
  • Homemade candles: There are cheap kits available online for candle making. You can distribute the number of candles needed to make among your close friends so that it remains fun and doesn’t become a chore for anyone.
  • Shot glasses: There are cheap shot glasses available online and in retail stores. You can buy the simple ones and paint them as you like. Just remember to use glass paint not ordinary paint otherwise things will not go smoothly at your wedding.
  • Cupcakes decorated with the names of the guests personally by the bride & groom just ask your future spouse if they are willing to do it.

If you aren’t this creative or you just don’t have the time to do it why not ask a friend. People love to get involved in these types of activities. You will be amazed by how many people are willing to do it.

Use Coupons-Here Is Why

Can there be a downside to coupons? I thought so when I saw an article saying so. but as I read on, none of the reasons seemed sensible enough that could stop a person from using coupons. Each reason they put forward was easy to prove wrong. Here is what they said and what I had to say to against each reason.

You must buy a newspaper or magazine

First of all newspaper and magazines are not only places to find coupons. Online websites like, and and even after you minus the per coupon print cost you still save money. As for the magazines and newspapers, friends and family that are not that big of a coupon fan will happily lend you their edition to clip coupons. Offer the local café that you can recycle their old paper weekly. Being proactive can generate many new ideas in your head.

Lots of time is consumed while cutting coupons out

But it is totally worth it! If you estimate the saving you make per coupon $1.44 (in accordance with a survey by and the time it takes to cut out a single coupon at one minute, an hour can generate $86.40 for you. Want to know what we accomplished at a store with coupons? Paid just $3.45 in cash for $258.24 worth of stuff.

Coupons offer stuff you don’t really need

Yes that true many times that is the case. But be creative enough to think out of the box. I collected few personal care items that I got for free for a couple of months and made a gift basket out of those. It came in handy when of my friends bought a new home and I had a gift ready just for her that cost me nothing.

Coupons persuade you to spend useful money into unnecessary stuff

Yes but impulse control is the key and coupons are not the only reason you get pushed to your limits into buying unnecessary stuff. The list stretches over to reasons like hungry you, kid throwing a tantrum in public or a tempting ad and much more.

Coupons remain unchanged for long times

I am happy to see the huggies coupon in every single edition. They are my essentials. For the ones that get expired without being used, they can’t talk me out of clipping coupons just because they got expired.

One more point, the UK military families living abroad can use the coupons until after six months after the date of expiration. Check out the provided link here to get the info where to send your expired coupons.

You become coupon addicted

This one is true. When you usually pay less than half on an item when you have a coupon, paying normal price feel like extended.

The shopping trips take more time

Not really. If you plan ahead arrange your coupons according to your shopping list, the systematization will save you from time wastage at the store.

How to Shop more Cost-Effectively

The grocery shopping options have well evolved over time. That means if you are on a budget you have more than one supermarket option to go to. It also means that people are trying new routines for grocery shopping other than a trip every week.

The advice that is given to people that are going through a tight budget period can many times be depressive. A person who works hard as he/she can but still finds it tough to meet the both ends deserves a little sunshine when at least it comes to food and shopping for the food. Luckily there are further options, beyond that depressive advice that are overlooked and are pretty useful for those on a budget. Let’s explore what these options are:

The Mart

The many chains of superstores that have popped up over the few last decades may seem like they have good options to offer you. But their tags are ever so cleverly planned out. In an overflowing variety and quantity of stuff placed around at every superstore or market and at every single outlet it’s hard for you to tell, that the smaller outlet is charging an extra 50p for the same bag of flour or rice than on the larger outlet. The only way to get a bargain out of them is to keep a keen eye at rapid and sudden sales, that’s when the lowest costs are offered. Such sales are generally announced at certain times so you need to pay attention to that point too if you want to reap the max benefits of  a sale.

Old conventional markets

These are good place to find fresh quality of fresh produce at reasonable prices. The only set back is exact prices are not mentioned on every single item so you would have to ask. Verbal bargains work here. A thorough variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables can be found here.

99p Store or Bargain Basement Shop

Not everything you see here will be low cost. But there will be certain items that you can find for a lot cheaper than at any other place. There variety is good too.

Discount chains

Especially when it comes to fresh produce, their prices are lower. For other products you may not find as much of a wide range when it comes to brands but prices are often lesser.

Try other cultures

The immigrants bring with them advantages too. Chinese, Pakistani, Iraqi, Nigerian and West Indian Stores all have pretty good options we’ve never tried before. Their prices are very modest. And you can buy usually larger quantity at once for a fairly low amount.

Wholefood shop

These are small community shops play an important role in the field of direct trade. So the local farmers can drop off their fresh produce, get paid directly and better and the consumer can benefit from the freshness and low prices.

Local Butchers and Seafood Shop

They are not all unhygienic. Bargains are good and upon asking you can get the price limit as well as the tasty and cheap secondary cuts. As far as the fishmongers are concerned, you can cut back on the costing by opting for a less sought after variety.