WINTER IS COMING -Prepare your House and Garden in Advance

We have all heard it in school “a stitch in time saves nine” and even though it might sound cheesy but it is true none the less. Here we discuss a few tips that you can use before winter arrives that will help you save money in the long run.

Save the Garden Tools
Garden tools are expensive and if left unattended for a long time they can easily get broken. Keeping them in good condition doesn’t cost much and it will help you save money in the long run (because you won’t have to buy new ones).
Fill a bucket with some builder’s sand and pour about one liter of engine oil in it. Mix it thoroughly. Now take your spades, rakes and other garden tools of these types and plunge it into the bucket. Take it out and then plunge it again. Keep repeating the process a few times. This will help clean the rust and keep the tools well lubricated. You can also leave your tool blades into the mixture to save them from rusting in the winter.

Don’t Throw Away your old Carpet
Old carpets make a great base for Garden Paths. Just cover your old carpet with some kind of mulch and you have created a garden path. Just remember that before you cover them with your mulch turn the pieces of carpet upside down.
This will help you have a weed free path next spring and it is going to save you a lot of time and effort. You can also use them as mulch for the flowering beds and veggie patches in your garden so nothing goes to waste.

Check the Roof, the Gutters and the Outside of your House
since the weather is good it is a good time to check around your house for any defects that may need your attention. Check the roof, the guttering pipes and the drains. Make sure it is not clogged or blocked. If it is clean it thoroughly. If any roof tiles are broken repair them. If any pipes are broken replace them also. These little things, these nips and tucks here and there, will save you a lot of time, money and effort once the weather turns bad.
If after your inspection you think the damage is to severe then do call a professional, the roofer, plumber or electrician whomever you need and get all the problems fixed. Trust me you are going to thank yourself in the future because if these things are left unchecked they are going to cause a lot of damage to your property.

Get all the best gardening advice here –

Searching the Best Freebies and Free Stuff for You

It is never a secret or a taboo that everyone wishes to have their own freebie and free stuff because of the benefits it has to offer. From time to time, there are many samples and freebies that will be emerging and one or two of those could be your favourite item or an item from your favourite brand! Furthermore, the best in freebies are that you can always avail them as long as you follow the instructions stated on the certain website that you are to avail you freebies.

The popularity and fame among these freebies continues to grow and grow every minute, and every day. People and persons are already adapting to this kind of work to avail the freebies just to save in budget and savings.

Freebies may include some of the needs that are essential to your home. These may include detergents and laundry needs, dog and cat food, lotions and skin care products, and many more thing that are ready to be claimed to serve and help you in your needs and wants. Just by sitting at your home or connecting to the internet through your mobile devices such as iPads and tablets or just your personal computers.

While looking for free samples, you can search them easily and quickly through varieties of websites that can be found when you search for “freebies and free stuff” on the Google web browser or search engine webpage. What’s more fascinating is the service and fast processing of your request in claiming and getting your freebies.

Other freebies website would offer you the coupons that can be used to exchange it with something good like yogurts, cakes, and many more goodies! Some freebies would be in the form of cards that will be used in certain places to g et discounts and to avail for the privileges.

You have to be careful when choosing your websites that offer freebies because some websites are a scam and a fraud. These freebies websites and sample websites would have to take you long minutes and time of filling out their surveys and many prompts that are asked from you. When you do encounter these websites, directly leave that website and look for a new one.

Do not be discouraged right away when you do encounter these because those are really inevitable and that the internet is a wide place where everyone can enter including those people with bad intentions. Furthermore, some people who enjoy samples will tell you that it is best to look for other samples that might be of help and that could satisfy you the same way as you are serviced for free! Deliveries have no costs and all you have to do is waiting for the delivery days. Within those days, you can also order another samples and freebies to receive many things than ever before. Lastly, with your coupons and freebies you get the best samples and items that you ordered online.

How to easily save on Christmas expenses!

We all know how January can be difficult due to all the expenses of the last days of December to have a joyful and merry Christmas, buy the gifts, do the long distance calls or offer a variety of good food to guests and family members for the Christmas Eve dinner.

But no worries, with the below tips you will be able to save a lot and continue being happy even with your January financial balance.

1. Plan everything

You may think that this is so obvious and logical that you even get to wonder why we placed it as a useful advice. Well, we did, because it actually is. Some people tend to ignore how important planning ahead is. It will help you be prepared, use all coupons and promotional offers out there and save a lot without risking to pay high prices and buy everything you need at the very last moment.

2. You can do lots of things yourself

When it comes to decorating the house, remember about all those craftworks you used to do together with your mom and dad when you were little. All that knowledge could come in very handy now. You can spend just a little money on paper and other crafting materials and become a kid while creating sparkling decorative starts and flowers for your home or Christmas tree. Doing so, you can create joyful playtime moments for your kids too and at the same time save a lot of money.

You can prepare some greeting cards or do the gift-wrapping yourself too. Parents and relatives always appreciate the time and efforts you placed on preparing something for them.

3. Spread your shopping

To avoid buying everything during one month and risking to go crazy on December, try to do separate shopping sessions even months ahead and put everything in the freezer. While for the gifts, you can anytime buy them online or even directly in the local shops if you don’t expect further seasonal sales on them.

4. Nothing’s more precious than good memories

Do not underestimate the ability of a child to appreciate good and joyful time spent together in the family. Rather than buying expensive gifts or trying to organize expensive trips to Disneyland, you can look up the local events that include Santa and other seasonal activities and offer that kind of entertainment to your children. Skiing, making the snow angels on the backyard, building up Frosty or doing the Christmas tree together will always remain in their hearts and minds.

On the same principal, you can decide to print out family photographs or gift stamped t-shirts to your family members. It will definitely put a bigger smile on their faces than bringing some expensive staff from the shopping center.

5. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t cover up in blankets


Remember those sweet romantic movie scenes where she is wearing woolen socks and covered in thick blankets when he knocks on her door to wish her Merry Christmas? Well, you can somehow try to reproduce the same feeling of coziness and also save at the same time. You have to buy gifts to family members, so why not woolen socks or blankets? This way they will all feel like exactly that movie scene and you will also save on electricity bills until spring.

Ultimate 2021 “Kids Eat Free” List

Pack up your entire family! Y’all are headed out to a restaurant where your little ones can eat for FREE! Some restaurant offers may vary according to location, so make sure to call ahead and double check with your neighborhood chain before heading out the door!

1) Bennigan’s

Children 12 and under eat free, but only on Tuesdays, and specifically with the purchase of an adult meal.

2) Cici’s Pizza

Cici’s Pizza buffet offer free meals to kids who are three and under.

3) Chick-fil-A

On Tuesdays, kids eat for free! This offer only applies to purchases of adults combos meals, and only from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

4) Denny’s

Children 10 years old and under eat free at Denny’s on Tuesdays from 4-10 p.m.

5) Firehouse Subs

With the purchase of an adult combo, your kids can eat for free. Make sure to check with your local Firehouse for specific dates and times.

6) Golden Corral

Children three and younger have free meals every day. Some locations even offer kids 10 and under free meals on Mondays.

7) Hooters

Sundays, kids eat for free between 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.


From 4-8 p.m, kids 12 and under eat for free with the purchase of an adult meal.  You’ll need to check with your local IHOP for specific days.


Kids eat for free on Tuesdays. You can purchase up to two children’s meals with each adult meal you buy.

10) Pizza Hut

Here is yet another “kids eat free on Tuesdays” place when an adult eats at the buffet.

11) Red Robin

Kids 10 and younger eat for free on Mondays.

12) Ruby Tuesday

Kids eat free on Tuesdays from 5 p.m. till closing with the purchase of an adult entree.

13) Texas Roadhouse

Kids 12 and under eat for free on Mondays and Tuesdays, depending on location.

14) Uno Pizzeria & Grill

Kids can eat for free on Tuesdays here with the purchase of an adult entree.

Wedding Favours on a Budget

No this is not the good act done out of goodwill. If you don’t know what a favour is don’t feel bad about it even I didn’t knew what they were before I got married. They are the small or mini boxes of gifts or chocolates that are placed on every table at the wedding reception for the guests. They cost about £2.5-£3 per piece.
Multiply the above cost by 250 guests and the amount goes up by £600-£750. That’s a lot for just wedding favors. But what can you do to give the guests a heartfelt gift without going broke? If you search the internet there are a lot of wonderful ideas, you can find something you like from there. Pintrest is a good place to look.

Let’s assume you are on a budget. A decent wedding dress would easily set you back a £1,000 so we just can’t go ahead and add £750 to the bill for something many guests will leave behind. What we need is something that will cost a little less.
What you can do is make the mini boxes by hand just like in Arts and Crafts class. You will use ribbons, glitters and stickers. You can invite your friends and have a little pre-wedding get together talk about all the good times you had together, how your life is before the wedding and how it is about to change and gossip you can’t forget gossip you just can’t. And talk about other things like…you know girly stuff…
You won’t even notice how the time passed and you made more than 200 mini boxes and for the treats inside buy them in bulk this way you will get them a little cheaper and it will lower the per unit cost of your favors. Other ideas that I found interesting are listed below:

  • Homemade Jams: You can give the guests homemade jams. Just remember to ask you’re your friends and family to give their empty jam jars to you. You can write names of the guests and you’re wedding date on the Jars to give them a personalized look.
  • Homemade candles: There are cheap kits available online for candle making. You can distribute the number of candles needed to make among your close friends so that it remains fun and doesn’t become a chore for anyone.
  • Shot glasses: There are cheap shot glasses available online and in retail stores. You can buy the simple ones and paint them as you like. Just remember to use glass paint not ordinary paint otherwise things will not go smoothly at your wedding.
  • Cupcakes decorated with the names of the guests personally by the bride & groom just ask your future spouse if they are willing to do it.

If you aren’t this creative or you just don’t have the time to do it why not ask a friend. People love to get involved in these types of activities. You will be amazed by how many people are willing to do it.

Use Coupons-Here Is Why

Can there be a downside to coupons? I thought so when I saw an article saying so. but as I read on, none of the reasons seemed sensible enough that could stop a person from using coupons. Each reason they put forward was easy to prove wrong. Here is what they said and what I had to say to against each reason.

You must buy a newspaper or magazine

First of all newspaper and magazines are not only places to find coupons. Online websites like, and and even after you minus the per coupon print cost you still save money. As for the magazines and newspapers, friends and family that are not that big of a coupon fan will happily lend you their edition to clip coupons. Offer the local café that you can recycle their old paper weekly. Being proactive can generate many new ideas in your head.

Lots of time is consumed while cutting coupons out

But it is totally worth it! If you estimate the saving you make per coupon $1.44 (in accordance with a survey by and the time it takes to cut out a single coupon at one minute, an hour can generate $86.40 for you. Want to know what we accomplished at a store with coupons? Paid just $3.45 in cash for $258.24 worth of stuff.

Coupons offer stuff you don’t really need

Yes that true many times that is the case. But be creative enough to think out of the box. I collected few personal care items that I got for free for a couple of months and made a gift basket out of those. It came in handy when of my friends bought a new home and I had a gift ready just for her that cost me nothing.

Coupons persuade you to spend useful money into unnecessary stuff

Yes but impulse control is the key and coupons are not the only reason you get pushed to your limits into buying unnecessary stuff. The list stretches over to reasons like hungry you, kid throwing a tantrum in public or a tempting ad and much more.

Coupons remain unchanged for long times

I am happy to see the huggies coupon in every single edition. They are my essentials. For the ones that get expired without being used, they can’t talk me out of clipping coupons just because they got expired.

One more point, the UK military families living abroad can use the coupons until after six months after the date of expiration. Check out the provided link here to get the info where to send your expired coupons.

You become coupon addicted

This one is true. When you usually pay less than half on an item when you have a coupon, paying normal price feel like extended.

The shopping trips take more time

Not really. If you plan ahead arrange your coupons according to your shopping list, the systematization will save you from time wastage at the store.

How to Shop more Cost-Effectively

The grocery shopping options have well evolved over time. That means if you are on a budget you have more than one supermarket option to go to. It also means that people are trying new routines for grocery shopping other than a trip every week.

The advice that is given to people that are going through a tight budget period can many times be depressive. A person who works hard as he/she can but still finds it tough to meet the both ends deserves a little sunshine when at least it comes to food and shopping for the food. Luckily there are further options, beyond that depressive advice that are overlooked and are pretty useful for those on a budget. Let’s explore what these options are:

The Mart

The many chains of superstores that have popped up over the few last decades may seem like they have good options to offer you. But their tags are ever so cleverly planned out. In an overflowing variety and quantity of stuff placed around at every superstore or market and at every single outlet it’s hard for you to tell, that the smaller outlet is charging an extra 50p for the same bag of flour or rice than on the larger outlet. The only way to get a bargain out of them is to keep a keen eye at rapid and sudden sales, that’s when the lowest costs are offered. Such sales are generally announced at certain times so you need to pay attention to that point too if you want to reap the max benefits of  a sale.

Old conventional markets

These are good place to find fresh quality of fresh produce at reasonable prices. The only set back is exact prices are not mentioned on every single item so you would have to ask. Verbal bargains work here. A thorough variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables can be found here.

99p Store or Bargain Basement Shop

Not everything you see here will be low cost. But there will be certain items that you can find for a lot cheaper than at any other place. There variety is good too.

Discount chains

Especially when it comes to fresh produce, their prices are lower. For other products you may not find as much of a wide range when it comes to brands but prices are often lesser.

Try other cultures

The immigrants bring with them advantages too. Chinese, Pakistani, Iraqi, Nigerian and West Indian Stores all have pretty good options we’ve never tried before. Their prices are very modest. And you can buy usually larger quantity at once for a fairly low amount.

Wholefood shop

These are small community shops play an important role in the field of direct trade. So the local farmers can drop off their fresh produce, get paid directly and better and the consumer can benefit from the freshness and low prices.

Local Butchers and Seafood Shop

They are not all unhygienic. Bargains are good and upon asking you can get the price limit as well as the tasty and cheap secondary cuts. As far as the fishmongers are concerned, you can cut back on the costing by opting for a less sought after variety.



How to Improve Your Odds of Scoring Great Beauty Product Samples

Makeup product samples are a great way of trying out new products. They are also useful for last minute touch-ups and for traveling. We all know someone who has box loads of samples of the most popular foundations, moisturizers, mascaras, and perfumes, but if you’re like so many of us you rarely get free samples regardless of the amount of money you invest in your makeup. Here are some tips not only for getting your hands on some freebies, but also on how to get the ones that you want and will use.

Product samples are offered by manufacturers to introduce people to their products, so there is no shame in asking for them at the beauty counter. Salespeople know that we are all unique people with different hair, skin, and coloring needs. Some products work better than others for meeting our needs, so giving potential customers the ability to sample their products is a great means for manufacturers to drive sales of their products.

The key is to be polite when requesting samples, and to ask the salesperson for her advice. They are professionals who are trained to identify products that match up to your needs. They may know that a particular shade of blush would not go well with your skin tone, and may suggest giving you an alternative to sample instead.

Salespeople can be stingy with samples, particularly when they know that they have a limited supply of them to give out. If you give the appearance that you may be someone just looking for a handout, and not a potential customer, they’ll be less likely to give you the sample that you’re looking for. Try approaching them as a customer who has heard about a product, but wants to try it out before making a purchase to make sure it works for you.

Developing a relationship with the salesperson at your favorite beauty supply store is a great way to score more samples. If you frequent the same store often, you’re likely to see the same salesperson. Make a habit of using her name when you interact with her, and intermix some small talk as you talk to her about products. She’ll be much more likely to let you dip into her sample stash if she recognizes you when you come in.

Shop at a time when it’s likely to be less busy, usually in the early morning or evening. Your salesperson is likely to be less stressed and more amicable at these times.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. There’s really no benefit to taking home a sample of Eau de Skank if you’ll never use it.

Keep a watch for any new product launches. When manufacturers launch a new product, they often provide many samples of the product to retail outlets. Shopping at the start of a new launch will make it very likely for you to get a product sample.

You may not be aware that many stores like Sephora and Clinique will create a sample for you on the spot when they don’t have pre-packaged samples available. They’ll often do this for just about anything from foundations to serums to shampoos. There’s no harm in asking, and if you carry along your own mini-container they’ll have no excuse to tell you no.

If your salesperson appears reluctant, tell her that the reason that you need the sample that you’ve requested is because you have sensitive skin and need to try it out before purchasing it.

Ask for additional samples of a product if necessary to ensure that you have a week’s supply of it. That is usually the minimum that you’ll need to be able to determine if the product works for you.

Many beauty counters offer customers free makeovers. It’s always a good idea to schedule an appointment to make sure they’ll have the availability to give you one. They will try to get you to purchase some makeup, but there is no need to feel pressured. Tell them that you want to get your significant other’s opinion before buying, and have them write down a list of the products used.

Finally, be careful not to give the salesperson that impression that you might not be a genuine customer. For example, don’t ask for extra samples for a friend. Also avoid going from one counter to the next. You are likely to get noticed and the salespeople will be much less accommodating. If you need more samples of a product, the best approach is to be honest with the salesperson about why you do.

10 Expert Tips & Tricks That Will Help You to Live Frugally On One Income

So, now the thing is that you need money in your bank account and you are doing your best of best to make it happen like you have stopped eating out, you have already cut out your all unnecessary expenses and even you have already tried some money saving tip.

Still in the spite of your efforts, all of the tips which you have found on “how to frugally live on one income” haven’t made a single impact on your savings account, and now at this moment of time you are totally tired of that whole failed promise of living frugally.

But the good thing is that now you have come to the right place because each and everyone of us loves living frugally and same like you we love to save money without feeling that we had to give up on almost everything. After saving more than 11 thousand US dollars in 10 months which in other words means $3,300 per month, we have some great ideas about which of the “best frugal living tips” works and which doesn’t.

This guide isn’t a roadmap to being cheap. Instead, in this article we have also shared our experience and you are going to get 10 practical and effortlessly achievable ways through which you can be smart with your money so that with the help of those tips living frugally on one income becomes easy and natural for you.

So simply stick to us and you will learn those expert tips of living frugally in just few more minutes.

Let’s get started!


  1. Save $100 Per Month On Water

According to a research, bottled water is a crime against humanity! Bottled water costs you $100/month per each person to drink the advised amount of water from the bottle. Whereas on the other hand it only costs you $3 per each month to put a water filter under sink.

So simply say no to over – priced water bottles and start using filter to save $100 each month just on water. You can also get yourself a fancy insulated reusable water bottle, as you can afford it now!


  1. Find The Cheapest Flights

Make sure that you only use the trusted flight checkers while hunting deals for plane tickets. We have mentioned some of them below on which we do trust actually:

  • Momondo – get comparisons between the other travel websites and all of the airlines
  • Skyscanner – which is known as the leader in travel price comparison
  • Kiwi – cheap flights along with guaranteed protection of flight from flight cancellation, delays and changes of schedules.


  1. Create A Shopping List

If you are still confused about that what is killing your grocery budget and you actually want to know then let me tell you that impulse buys at grocery stores are actually killing your grocery budget. So if you want to prevent that from happening again and again and every time you shop at grocery store then start making a shopping a list and stick to it which is the most important step.

Simply plan out your meals for the whole week and then take a pen and a paper and write down each and everything before you head towards the grocery store for shopping, and not only that because you will find $100 plus left overs each month in your bank account.


  1. Reinvent Leftovers

Do you also land in the list of those people who don’t like to eat leftovers? If yes then no problem it’s alright, but how about reinventing those leftovers into a complete new meal? Sounds great right! Get a bit more creative so none of your food get wasted. And as long as you are at it, you should invest in some high quality Tupperware so this way your leftovers will stay fresh and tasty for days!


  1. Everything Is 2% Off

The easiest ways to save money for travelling and living frugally is by using Credit Cards! But be careful THAT you should only start using credit cards once you are in total control of your finances.

So in simple words, there is no need of yourself to get into unnecessary habit of credit cards. And if you want to have 2% discount on everything then make sure that you get on a budget first to stop yourself from accidently getting into a habit of spending more than you earn.


  1. Get Discounts On Local Entertainment

In case if you are bored at home but you can’t take another binge session of Hulu, then you can take a look on Groupon’s “Things to Do” sort for coupons and discounts on several activities in your area. They have also some offers for spa & beauty packages.


  1. Save $20 at The Drug Store

When it comes about saving some extra money on groceries, Ibotta is the MVP. But you should also know that they hand out free cash for the shopping trip of drug store too!

So whenever you are stocking up on shampoo just keep in mind to take a picture of that receipt and load up your Ibotta account with some free cash. Simply download the free Ibotta application and don’t forget to get your hands on your free gift card of worth $20.


  1. Cut Your Own Fruit

Honestly speaking, getting pre – chopped fruits is ultra – convenient and it is also much more expensive. Instead of buying pre – chopped for yourself or for your family, you can buy your fruits whole and manage just 10 – minutes from your valuable time to chop them yourself and bingo!

Congratulations you have just earned a free trip to Starbucks for yourself!


  1. Save 50% Off On Your Meal When You Eat Out

If you just finished your long work day and got pretty much tired, and if you have decided to skip cooking tonight then grab a deal or a coupon from Groupon! Just a second let me clear myself, I am talking about the 50% discount on your entire meal. Which in my opinion isn’t a bad thing, and it can make you save pretty much on your meal.


  1. Get Your Food Delivered at Your Doorstep at 15% Off

Do you buy any of the below mentioned stuff at the grocery store?

  • Chips
  • Protein Powder
  • Canned Beans
  • Pasta
  • Coffee/Keurig Pods

How about getting them delivered to your doorstep for 15% off. If you have an Amazon Prime Account then consider that the luck is on your side and then you can take some extra advantage of their Subscribe – And – Save Program and by this way you can save 100 US dollars each month! Just stick the food which you want on your next month delivery and then you can get everything on the list for 15% discount on them. And frankly speaking it is some of the best and easiest ways on which you will ever save money on!


So guys this was the list of 10 expert tips & trick which will help you to save money and live frugally on one income. Also guys we would love to hear from you guys so don’t hesitate to drop a comment below and let us know that which one of the above mentioned ways you have tried out and was these were helpful for you or not and also let us know if you have some more tips to share with us.


Good luck & have a  nice day!

11 Concepts of Easter Budget Basket That Don’t Include Candy

Easter hampers are not just for kids. The list of contents might change but the people of any age will be brighten up when they will receive a basket which is especially customized for them.

Stores are full of candy bunnies and eggs of every flavor. At Easter even veggies like carrots turns to chocolates. In an effort to stay away from food allergies, dental visits and obesity sugar free baskets can be a great welcome chance! There are many items which you can pick from your local mart or Dollar tree to fill those baskets fully for free.

For Toddlers

Use Gerber fruit and veggies pouches to fill those baskets and little tummies. Munchies with Gerber’s melt in their mouth cereal puff’s will satisfy them. To make fluids fun add a colorful sippy cup. An Easter coloring book full of stickers and chunky crayons for those sweet chubby hands will bring smile on their faces for all of your Easter photos.

For Active Kids

Initiate with a soccer ball or a dodge. For an array of activities fill in the baskets gaps with sidewalk chalk, water balloons, kites and a jump rose. As the days gets more sunny and warm water balloons and other cool toys will make outside play pretty fun and comfortable!

For Babies

Fabric stuffed animals are always a super comforting cuddle buddy! Build a bear that will give you a quality choice and will last longer. You can also place a heart inside and fill it with hugs, kisses and special wishes when you are building a bear. Fold in a teether, ratter, some colorful bottles. Don’t forget to top it with an Easter bonnet or a ball cap.

For Artsy Kids

Get some less expensive small canvas board. Acrylic paints and paint brushes will create some long lasting cherishes. You can get these for less than a dollar at Walmart, these Easter basket can be bursting with a rainbow of spring colors. Continue the festiveness with bunch of cute notepads, gel pens and markers.

As an additional charge what child doesn’t love bubbles? There are many sizes and scents available to replace the Easter cravings. There are even marshmallows, chocolates and jelly belly scented candles.

For Teen and Young Adults

Brighten up their baskets with scented candles and light up their life with happiness. Encircle an adorable wax warmer with the combination of Easter colors of Goose Creek candles, fire flies and car air fresheners. Another plus point is that Goose Creek candles are not made up of any harmful or banned chemicals. They have Easter themed as well as huge selection of summer and spring scents.

Movie Lovers

Despite the fact that movie lovers will offer candy, this basket will not. Grab a deal from Walmart’s five dollar bin and start your favorite movie on DVD. Packages of microwave popcorn and a bottle or two of sparkling water will get munchies satisfied while avoiding sugar. Comfy it up with some socks to match the occasion or the movie. Make room for a squishy pillow to sink into and enjoy the movie or the show.

For Beach Fans

A beach bag or container could be the good start of this basket filled with everything you need for the day in the sun. Roll up a beach towel and encircle it with goodies such as packaged nuts, granola, jerky and flavored water to keep the recipient candy free. Add some sunscreen and sunglasses in this basket and it will be ready to grab and go!

For Coffee Addicts

For the older ones in the list of kids put a spring in their Easter morning with a coffee basket. Initiate with a large of their favorite and add some smaller varieties to enjoy sampling later. Accompany with holiday or seasonal stirrers, coasters and cute mug to match. He could add some mug warmer if a bunny is feeling gorgeous.

The Gardener

Across the board easter is all about new life and gardens are too! Either its by means of beautiful flowers or future harvest of delicious veggies. A basket surrounded with gardening goodies is a great start. Small gardening tools, gardening gloves and a water can, scattered with flower bulbs and seed packets will make such an amazing basket now and a garden to admire later.

For Organic Conscious

To make everyday items healthy and special Purple Pairie offers many organic products. There is no need for you to use your taste buds to experience the feel of Easter. How about trying a bar of soap that smells like licorice jellybean! Sink in organic lavender lotion and smell like spring time. Orange smoothie lip balm will replace the fake orange candy. While essential oils will takes your cares away face scrub will hydrate your skin.

For Elderly

Keep in mind the oldest group of kids at heart. Those ones that made your Easter sparkle. The special people that are overlooked very so often when it comes to childlike memories. The most basic things will fill their day with happiness. Stuff that will make them comfortable such as soft, easily applied balm to soothe parched lips or lotion for their dry, loving hands. A family photo will take them back to the cherished memories. As an addition place a box of tissues to catch the tears of happiness you have blessed with them.